One thing that can often get overlooked in office space is noise pollution.

For those of us working in city offices, battling sirens, horns and chatter during that important meeting is a day to day occurrence. Noise is all around us and affects productivity, causes stress and costs money. Amazingly the World Health Organisation estimates that the annual cost to Europe of excessive noise levels is a staggering £30 billion.

A British psychology journal discovered that background noise is a major issue on productivity and that workers can be 66% less productive with just one nearby conversation to contend with. Hearing can be affected – with long term damage from prolonged exposure becoming a possibility. Those looking to escape by listening to music through earbuds are not necessarily helping either – the increased decibels can also damage the sensitive inner ear. In addition, for anything other than repetitive tasks, music can impede information retention. Excessive noise also stimulates the nervous system which in turn releases stress hormones and raises blood pressure.

How can Eden help?

Eden can help you improve your office acoustics with a number of stylish products and take noise factors into account with your existing office layout or with the design for a refurbishment or new fit-out. As an example of the artistic solutions available take a look at these from Allermuir.

“Baudot is a beautiful example of where form meets function. Named after Baudot binary code made up of Zeroes and Strings, this range has meaning and purpose that is more than meets the eye. As well as making a visual impact on any environment, the range can also be used as an acoustic solution to noisy areas, such as open plan offices, atria and hospitality. 

Freestanding and wall mounted products can be specified to achieve a variety of fun yet purposeful looks.”

There’s a great range of colours too that can be carefully chosen to suit existing office interior design and add a funky edge to space.

Not only will your office space have a pop of colour and texture but you won’t have to shout to be heard!