Office Art

Could new artwork be the key to attracting younger workers back to the office?

A survey of 3000 office workers in the UK has found that 63% of 18-29 year olds preferred working in the office, but that figure increased to 75% in offices displaying more art. Both Christies and Sotherby’s have seen a big rise in art interest in younger clients. Furthermore, fewer than 10% in offices with little artwork felt inspired at work.

Eden’s Michael Holt agrees: “Office design has come a long way in recent times and there has been no bigger change than post-pandemic. Design is now particularly focussed on mental health requirements and optimising the human side of workplaces. There is a lot more to a fit-out or refurbishment than arranging the desks, cabling and partitions – there is a big need to engage people and encapsulate team ethos and values.”