Some brands are popular because of the hype and marketing – we happen to think that the Herman Miller chair is iconic because of its ergonomics and practicality as well as its looks. We’re not the only ones who think it’s stylish and comfortable… we challenge you to play ‘spot the Aeron’…. I’m sure we can come up with prizes for any new sightings – but so far we have found….

American Idol! Any shuffling in the seat is definitely due to the acts and not the chair..

A much more serious setting on Question Time…..

House MD swore by his Aeron for making his diagnoses…..

The Aeron is as quiet as a mouse – but is a hit on The Big Bang Theory….

007 himself has an Aeron in Casino Royale…. but extra points for what iconic chair he’s sitting on in the picture…..

And finally, God (as depicted by The Simpsons) has also opted for the Aeron

Happy spotting – send us any more sightings to our Twitter (@eden_interiors) or Instagram (edeninteriorsuk) accounts to win a treat!