Hand up if you have ever tried on a mood ring? Apparently, the piece of jewellery contains thermochromics elements that cause the ring to change colour depending on your temperature which acts as a signal to show how you are feeling. Black equals fear, yellow equals anxious and so on. As children, we use and identify colours to show our moods. We know red is bad and stop and green is good and go.

So if this tiny ring can show us how we are feeling through our relation to colour, is it possible the colours of the space we work in can affect our moods on a daily basis?

Black – The colour black is often associated with death, mourning and evil. It is unlikely you will see the poster of a comedy in black, and that’s because in some respects we associate the colour with being bad. It’s thought that working in an office environment that has a high percentage of black within the space can increase feelings of negativity and unproductivity.


White – The colour of purity and innocence, chosen by most brides on their special day in some cultures. White is probably the most popular colour chosen when it comes to office interiors. But that’s unlikely to be related to the virtue of the office – more because it acts as the best canvas to combined with other colours that represent the company.


Yellow – Yellow gives mixed messages in terms of meaning. As children we use yellow to signify something bright, shining and happy, however it’s thought that the colour yellow can create feelings of anxiety. Because the colour is bright, its often avoided on a larger scale when it comes to office interior design.


Blue – Probably one of the most common colours when it comes to office interiors and company logos, that’s because, with a variety of shades to choose from you can go as light or dark as you want without using white or black. It’s thought to be calming, relaxing and stable.


Green – Thought to reduce anxiety and has a connection to money; green is another colour voted best for the office.


Eden Interior office design

Red – If you see red you either think blood, or love – a bit conflicting but… – it’s also thought to be a colour of power and confidence so only the best of the best may select it as their office colour.


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When it comes to office interiors you can do whatever fits with your style and company presence. If you want a rainbow office, then go for it! There are no set rules and as time goes on the boundaries are pushed more and more!