As 2017 goes by in a flash, it’s got us thinking about changing with the times. Technology is by far the biggest influencer to cause change within the work space, and with fingertip touch access and pre-installed USB docks the norm, there certainly isn’t any sign of slowing down.

Because of the ever-growing progression of technology, office redesign helps to make changes to accommodate such evolution.

Electronic height adjustable desks are a standard option in most offices to accommodate different posture needs, and keep up to date with flexible working.

USB fitted charging docks are more common than good old fashion plug sockets these days, with them starting to make an appearance in homes as well as the office.

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The use of wireless items is also on the rise meaning that desks are free from electrical clutter. It also means those connecting their laptops to an external screen can use a large size keyboard and mouse as smaller laptop keyboards and mouse maps can be difficult to work on for long periods of time.

These office evolution steps show the importance in understanding the different needs of every single employee and how they should be taken into account when designing and planning your new or refurbished office.

Now that’s not to say that you need to ask EVERY employee what they would like, but it’s important that options are there. Perhaps create a section of adjustable desks or dedicate one part of the office for standing workers. These steps will help your place of work be more diverse, healthy and positive! And who doesn’t want that?