You may have seen a recent post of ours giving some hints and tips on what to wear for your upcoming interview (check it out here if not – Let’s Talk Fashion). Now we are firing helpful tips for what to say and do in your interview to make sure you land that role!

It is amazing how many people can be so unprepared for an interview! From being late to not researching the company! Here is a list of helpful tips to keep in mind when you have finally scored that interview, starting from the moment you walk into the building…

The interview doesn’t start when you sit down with what may be your line manager, the interview starts the second you walk into the building. The chances are, everyone knows what role you are there for, so it’s important everyone in the office has a good first impression of you.

GET OFF YOUR PHONE! Even if you have been asked to sit in reception for 15 mins whilst you wait for HR to come down for you do not, we repeat DO NOT take your phone out. It makes you look unprofessional, unprepared and bored. Take that time to look around your surroundings, see what other people are doing, read the companies notice board, certificates or even magazines. This will make you look much more engaged.

Get there early – Not too early (you don’t need to be waiting outside at 8:15am when the office doesn’t open till 9am), but arriving 5-10 mins before your interview will give a positive impression. It will make you seem prepared, ready, and give you time to have a few moments before you go through to the interview itself.

If you are running late – call them! Sometimes events happens, you miss the first bus, or the train has delays, sometimes being late really can’t be helped and that’s okay. If you are going to be late, make sure you let your interviewer know well in advance. Don’t call them at 8:56 and let them know you won’t make it for 9am and that you are 4 stops away. You should let them know at least 15 mins before you are supposed to be there.

Use Google Maps – or any map app – the night before you go to familarise yourself with the area. You can even use ‘street view’ so you know exactly what the venue looks like and virtually walk the route from the station or car park. Seeing it visually will help you find it faster. Again, if you are lost, give them a call and ask for help.

Smile – no matter if you are late, flustered, hot, early, on time, nervous, the list goes on, you always have to smile, be friendly and approachable.


Introduce yourself to the receptionist – even if you are in a serviced building when you arrive you should walk up to the receptionist and say “Hi, I’m xxxx, I’m here for an interview with xxxx at xx am/pm”

Make sure you know the name of the person you are going to see.


Be yourself – let your personality come through in your interview and don’t try and act like someone you are not – they will find out how nuts you are eventually!

Speak slowly

Don’t be afraid to take your time answering questions

Do your research! – Companies love to ask questions like

What do you know about us?

Who are our competitors

What were your impressions of our website

Prepare some questions. A lot of interviews end with an ‘any questions’ part – from your research prepare some relevant questions rather than a silence – but whatever you do don’t ask about how much holiday you’d get!

Our list of tips are certain to help you have a successful interview.

Good luck from Function!