Back for 2019 is our ‘Like this…try these….’ regular feature – this month we look at task chairs:

Arguably one of the most important items of furniture in any office space – you can spend a similar amount of time on the chair as you sleep on that mattress at night. The effects of not having a good quality office chair can not only affect your day, but your life too!

Task chairs can be far from dull and boring. Our varied supplier range gives plenty of choice for all tastes and budgets.

We like the Bene Riya

– and there’s a great demo video here:

We like the curves and slender design as well as its adaptability – it even has automatic weight adjustment so is perfect for shared workspace with multiple users. It’s no surprise that the Riya has won several design awards. Every inch of the Riya chair can be tailored to your needs including the material and colour of the seat and backrest. The height of the back, the armrests, the frame and many more. The Riya is truly a work of art!

Not right for you?

Try these……

Verco’s Max

The Studio Verco design keeps things simple with as much automatic adjustment as possible with simple style.


……Or the Nowy Styl @-Motion


which features free-floating seat and backrest, a variety of adjustment settings and self-braking castors for carpets or hard flooring.