Missing the heat? The UK heatwave got us all in the summer mood – so what to do to bring the tropical back? – bring the beach to work! That’s just what one of our clients did in Leeds a couple of years ago and we thought it might appeal to those looking for office design inspiration. What better way to relax heading into the cooler seasons?

People’s Holdings even had a seagull to complement their beach scene. We took a licensed photo and had the wallpaper made to fit the wall to provide the stunning seaside backdrop. We’ve also used woodland scenes for another client – but for summer vibe a beach, deckchairs and ice cream have to be the office setting of choice.

The joy of Eden’s beach is that it’s easily movable – a day to move the sand and apply a new mural could easily transform the breakout area to a jungle, Brighton pier, a tranquil waterfall or a city skyline. How about a Banksy? Or even a Van Gogh?

It’s not a costly way to revamp space and can provide a contrast to the ambience in the focused work spaces. We love helping clients make their spaces fit their personalities. Most people wouldn’t want their home to look like a hotel – so why not bring your ethos, values and vibe into the environment that you spend many hours in each week.

If sand between your toes at lunchtime doesn’t work for you there are alternatives – a resin floor can encapsulate the beach beneath your feet – you could even be walking on water or above Jaws if sharks are your thing. How about a small freezer with umbrella for dishing out Cornettos? Buckets and spades? Seashells? Don’t forget the sunscreen! With global warming it looks as though hot summers are here to stay – so let’s embrace it!