Whether you like it or not…the winter season is approaching – meaning some of us will have the nightmare of battling over the temperature setting for the heating and rolling our eyes at that person who ALWAYS opens the window despite the fact the rest of the people in the office are shivering.

But as always, Eden is here to save the day and give you some great tips to make this winter in the office the best yet!

  1. Have a hot drink! – not just those 3 cups of coffee you need to have to function before 10am – get some other options! Hot chocolate, herbal teas, maybe even suggest a mulled wine hour on a Friday as a festive treat?
  2. Go for a brisk walk in the cold. Getting moving outside is guaranteed to make you appreciate the warmth inside when you get back.
  3. Hot lunch – bin the cheese and ham sandwich and bring in a nice refreshing soup and some crusty bread – guaranteed to warm you form the inside out!
  4. Bring a jacket/cardigan/jumper – as your mum would have told you growing up – “if you are cold put a jumper on” – don’t be that person whacking the heating up to 33° walking around the office in a t-shirt.
  5. Pump up the jams – uplifting songs are not sure for summer – a happy song is just what your office needs to boost morale and beat the winter blues!