Be honest…when was the last time you took your full 60-minute lunch break? Or a break away from your screen for that matter? You will be surprised how many of us bring in a sandwich to eat at our desk, or pop out to get some grub and then head straight back to our computers, but taking some time away from your desk and work day is so important for your health…and sanity!

Not only are we supposed to have frequent computer breaks to comply with office health and safety but it also helps improve productivity and employee communication. A break out space in the office is SO important but often gets left behind when it comes to office needs.

The space doesn’t have to be a huge room far away from the desk space. It can be as easy as setting out a few comfortable chairs and a table! Here are some great ideas and suggestion:

Create a space in the office with some comfortable chairs that are a completely different colour, texture and look to your current office décor. This will help your employees separate their work space from their time out space, allowing them to reload and have a break.

Use screens! Not only are they acoustically fantastic, they come in a variety of colours and materials so there will be an option for everyone! Check out our sister companies blog “These Four Walls” for some more screen ideas.

It’s important to pick furniture that is comfortable, yet professional. Tub chairs are a great example as they, again, can be found in a variety of colours and materials. Try and find a balance between relaxed and professional – you don’t want people getting too chilled out that they start dozing off!