As Valentines Day sees sales of flowers purchased by men soar by a massive 73%, we have taken the opportunity to look at some famous male florists and how they can inspire you to incorporate some flourishing floral and bloom designs into your office.

Simon Lycett, florist to the stars, is responsible for a HUGE variety of floral displays including at places such as The Natural History Museum, The Chelsea Flower Show and even events for Her Royal Majesty!

Another is Gregor Lersch, described as the “master of all master florists”. The German influential florist has written 30 floral design books and won international awards for his arrangements.

These florists will show you that flowers are a fantastic way to bring colour and vibrancy in to an office. Whilst we don’t suggest going too crazy (unless you really want to), introducing accents of floral print into an office, particularly in the reception area, can be a great way to boost the positive feelings in any space.

Here’s a few places you can swap those boring corporate office colours for a flourishing bloom print.

Cushions – Even just one or two on the sofa in reception

Valentine pillows

Coasters/ smaller office accessories like pen holders/folders etc  – easy peasy!

Floral print canvas picture or go crazy and commission a bespoke masterpiece – you can design your own in keeping with your business colour scheme.

Chairs – one floral print armchair in the reception area. When you see the print at first you might think it looks a big daring but it can bring the room together. It can even be a conversation piece.

Valentine chair

Rugs/ carpets – you can use the print to break up different areas of a large open plan office.

Floral print bin.

Or just a good old fashion bunch of flowers.