Eden doesn’t just help with full office refurbishments – we’re here for the small stuff too. We can help titivate tea-points, fix floors, revive rooms and care for carpets…

Recently we helped a client in the famous Gherkin building by adding a room to match existing offices with solid partition walls and a double glazed glass door and side panels. We’re proud of the fit-out that we did for our client – but we’re not at all affronted that it’s the views that capture people’s attention rather than our, by comparison, plain work.


10 Gherkin facts:

  1. We all know this building by the name The Gherkin, but do you know its real name? *see bottom for the answer!
  2. The exterior 7429 window panes cover an area of about 24,000 square metres, – the area of five football pitches. Despite its curved shape the building uses only one piece of curved glass – the lens piece at the very top.
  3. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt claimed pickled gherkins made her beautiful while the Roman army believed they enhanced their strength.
  4. The Gherkin is over three times the height of Niagara Falls.
  5. The total floor area is 47,950 square metres
  6. The remains of a Roman teenage girl were unearthed on the site of the building in 1995. Her body remained on display at the Museum of London for twelve years until she was given a funeral at St. Botolph’s Church and reburied near the Gherkin.
  7. The high powered lifts can take 378 people at a time, at speeds of 6m per second.
  8. Gherkins are a pickled variety of cucumber – which originated in India 10,000 years ago.
  9. The private dining, lounge and club are at the top of the building – even higher than the restaurants in The Shard.
  10. Of the 41 storeys, there are 33 floors of offices – floor 16 is the biggest

*The Gherkin’s official title is 30 St Mary Axe.