“JOE is a premium male-focused publisher, devoted to producing 100% original content across areas including sport, politics, entertainment and culture. JOE launched in the UK in 2015 by Maximum Media – ranked the fastest growing media company in Europe by the Financial Times in 2017.” – www.joemedia.co.uk

They were expanding rapidly and outgrew their space. After finding somewhere new, they needed to occupy it as soon as possible which is when The Eden Superheroes arrived!

Eden was given a four-week program to turn their space into a habitable, agile working environment.

We created an animation so the Joe Media team could see our vision for their space which you can watch by clicking the play button 

We provided new floors, ceilings, power and IT infrastructure. We even installed a pop-up recording studio that the Joe Media crew use to record their content.

You’ve seen the walkthrough – here’s reality…