Not many people know the name George Carwardine but most of us would recognise an Anglepoise lamp. How modern does it still look? In actual fact the lamp design was first designed in 1932.

Rewinding – Carwardine was a freelance designer in the automotive industry in Bath and developed and constructed the spring and wheel suspension mechanism in 1932. Two springs were connected by bars and balanced by traction to maintain position. This evolved into the lamp that we know now, with his idea of creating focused light for the workplace.

Initially he produced the lamps himself, but by 1934 Carwardine licensed the design and the Terry Spring Company took over. That left the inventor time to refine the suspension system, leading to the three spring design seen today. Initially targeted at doctors, denstists and workshops – the Anglepoise has become one of the world’s most practical and useful design icons.

Type 1228 Desk Lamp – Granite Grey 2 Off

George Carwadine died in 1948, but the Anglepoise company of today continues. Renowned industrial product designerSir Kenneth Grange took over as Design Director in 2003. Grange’s remarkable work spans half a century and his user-centered, often quintessentially British designs have helped shape the parameters of everyday life for so many. Not only everyday household brands like Kenwood, Parker, Kodak – and of course Anglepoise – have received the Kenneth Grange treatment but also the InterCity 125 train, the regional Royal Mail postbox and the latest London BlackTaxi.

Anglepoise 90 Mini Mini – Steel Blue 1

The latest product in the Anglepoise portfolio, is the 90 Mini Mini. It has all the versatility and personality of a classic Anglepoise lamp wrapped up in its tiny form. The 90 Mini Mini is powered by USB for enhanced portability and has a dimmable integrated LED. At half the size of a standard lamp it’s designed to fit just about anywhere.

We also really like the Paul Smith collaboration version and the giant outdoor Anglepoise model. A great way to bring the designer look to any style of office.

Type 75 Mini – Edition Three
RHS Chelsea – Credit Helen Fickling