Hybrid Insights

Government insights into workplace change…

The Government Property Agency (GPA) has published their predictions of the UK property industry for 2022. They see this year as being “the year in which businesses show real commitment to learning and curiosity about their people’s workplace experience. It’s expected that companies will make good progress in getting the right workplace design to support the combination of people’s different working practices…. The organisations that will be most successful will be the ones where great workplaces meet great leadership – where honest conversations about the workplace are proactively facilitated and feed into choices made by teams to enable them to work as effectively as possible.”

The report also observes the embracing of hybrid working and “a general shift in focus from the pre-Covid ‘presenteeism’ way of thinking about the workplace to a post-Covid ‘attendee-ism’ – where people are not judged on the amount of time they spend in the office, rather how they use that time – for example, for team working, in-person presentations and training, creative work and projects.”

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