Captain Michael Holt

Michael - Managing Director

Super powers: Ensuring clients receive the best possible service from his team. Also been known to make gin and tonics disappear at the speed of light!

Sergeant Simon

Simon - Project Director

Super powers: To deliver projects on time on budget, every time.
Runs quicker than Usain Bolt when it’s his round!

Photoshop Philippa 

Philippa - Marketing Director

Superpowers: Being able to reach new markets never seen before. Makes Belle the office dog move in mysterious ways.

Ruthless Rosie

Rosie - Office Manager

Superpowers: Understands social media like only a millennial can. Binge watches 12 hours of reality TV without blinking.

Non-stop Nikki 

Nikki - Business Developer

Superpowers: Unbelievable ability to make more phone calls in a day than any other human. Cheeto Eater of the year

Tony ‘Flash’ Factor

Tony - Founder

Superpowers: Creates world-renowned businesses in a “Flash”.   From 1st tee to 19th hole…he’s a record breaker!

Turbo Tara

Tara - Accounts Assistant

Superpowers: Pays our bills quicker than the human eye.. morphs into a turkey in December

Dickie P…Secret Agent

Richard - Project Manager

Superpowers: Manages projects so well…our clients never want him to leave.  Power by name, power by nature.