Let’s face it, no one wants to be at work when the weather is nice outside and despite the miserable clouds and rain that go with Great British weather, we do sometimes hit double figure temperatures. With  the sunshine comes the social media posts of BBQs, after work office drinks, ice lollies and Pimms but some of us have to work, yes work, in a sweaty office, wearing a suit and a tie and sharing one fan between a bank of six desks.

Do not fear, because here at Function, we are all about making your office a fun and enjoyable place to be, even in sweaty conditions. So, we have come up with a list of small things you can do in the office to bring the summer holidays inside.

Fruity Water – You should always drink water throughout the day anyway, so why not put a few jugs of fruit infused water in the kitchen and watch your colleagues guzzle it down in the sunshine. We suggest adding things like lemons, strawberries, cucumber or mint.

Pump up the jams! – Put a fun upbeat playlist or radio station on. If you have access to Spotify, you can create a joint list where everyone can add there suggestions to it so everyone gets a song they love played – just remember that you need a PRS license (check it out here).

Ice Lollies – Nothing screams summer like ice lollies or ice cream. Treat your staff to a lolly when the ice cream van goes by or pop to the local shop and surprise them with a cold refreshing afternoon treat.

Dress the part – Some offices have strict dress codes and if you are one of them, perhaps suggest to your office manager that you have a dress down day in the summer months. If your dress code is a little more lenient, get creative with bright colours and floral prints to really brighten up the office and bring the sunshine inside.

BBQ – if you are a lucky office that has some great outdoor space, suggest a lunch time office BBQ. Friday is a great day for something like this as everyone is normally in a good mood and preparing for the weekend. If you don’t have the luxury of an outdoor space, suggest an indoor BBQ and get everyone involved. Get each team to bring in something different like buns, salad, pasta and sauces. You can get hot dogs and jacket potatoes that can be cooked in the microwave and supermarket rotisserie chicken and ribs. It might not be the most glamourous of things to do but when everyone gets together you will have a great time.

Summer games – We don’t suggest lobbing a Frisbee round the kitchen or playing cricket in reception but maybe find some space close to the office and have a half-hour kick about or a game of rounder’s. It’s also a great way to get everyone active.

Take your meetings/calls outside – You don’t need to have an over the top patio to take your meetings, if you have an internal catch-up meeting booked why not suggest you sit outside or go for a stroll in the sunshine?

Use your holiday – Studies show that a third of Britain’s fail to use their holiday up each year. Even if it is a day or two here and there – if you time it right, you could be sitting in a pub garden whilst Ben is making a round of tea for the office.

Themed days – Suggest a fun themed day like a flip flop day or Hawaiian day. People can get involved as much or as little as they want.

Summer drinks – Give out a nice cold alcoholic (or virgin) beverage on a Friday afternoon. Let everyone meet in the board room for a 15 minute Friday catch up before heading home