You are busy! Everyone else is busy! Everyone wants everyone to know they are busy! But sometimes our work can get too much for us, and as it piles up, it’s easy to feel the motivation slowly slipping away.

Here are a few tips to keep everyone motivated and ready to work when the going gets tough…

Make a list – Not because you have a bad memory and can forget to return that call, but because lists are a fantastic way to keep organised and record your daily progress. Whether you prefer to write your to-do list on paper, or record it digitally, it’s a great way to keep you focused. We recommend using Wunderlist if you prefer digital. You can share it with other members of your team so everyone knows what you have on your plate. You can even assign tasks to others in your group! Not only does being able to physically see all the tasks you need to complete help you stay organised, but ticking them off as you go helps gain a sense of achievement as you complete them.


Take a break – When it all gets too much, the best thing to do is take a break. Have a cup of tea and take five minutes to breath and re-group. Let your colleagues know not to disturb. You are advised to take regular breaks from your screen anyway so make sure you do. Not only do these breaks help you with your eyesight, posture and health, they will also give you a minute or two to relax and gather your thoughts.

Talk – One of the worst things you can do when your work is getting too much for you is hold it all in. Speak to your colleagues, your friends, and your manager. Don’t be afraid to let them you know you are struggling or feeling unmotivated – a problem shared is a problem halved!.

Work Goals – It’s unrealistic to think that you are going to get EVERYTHING done in a day. Set yourself a few tasks from your to do list to complete each day. If you complete them all before the end of the day, great, you can add in another. You will get a better sense of achievement knowing you were able to finish an extra task, than setting yourself too much to do and not completing it.

Motivational Quotes – Some may find them corny, but others feel motivational quotes really give them a daily boost. Make sure you follow us on Twitter to see our #QuoteoftheWeek every Monday.

Everyone has their own ways of staying motivated and working to the best of their ability, and what might work for your colleague might not work for you. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so take your time and do your best.