Prince sang about Purple Rain, The Color Purple won a Pulitzer in book form and a Golden Globe for the movie but purple doesn’t get its fair share of exposure in the business world.

Purple is seen as a colour with far from corporate connotations. But maybe purple should be given a chance. In ‘The Psychology of Color: A Designer’s Guide to Color Association & Meaning’, purple is said to combine the stability of blue with the energy of red – so what better colour to choose as a theme for an office? Pantone agree – ultra violet is their colour of the year for 2018.

Purple is not a common choice for corporate identity but there are plenty of successes utilising the regal hues… Cadbury is one of the most iconic brands around the world, with Milka and Wonka taking similar colour choices for their prime colour. Zoopla and Purple Bricks have chosen to take on the property sector with their own shades of the colour while purple is also the choice of diverse brands such as Asprey of London, Fedex and Yahoo.

For anyone convinced we have some great ideas for using the on-trend ultra violet – get in touch!.