We guarantee that your New Year’s resolutions are already out of the window. In fact, statistics show that over 80% of resolutions have failed by the second week in February! One of the most common resolutions worldwide is to eat healthy and lead a healthier lifestyle. However, we all know how hard that can be, so we have listed a few changes you can make in the office to keep you motivated, healthy and avoid reaching for those cakes that Sarah brought in for her cats birthday.

Snacks – Swap the bickies for some alternative snacks. Try some low fat popcorn, fruit or nuts.

Have a break – Step away from the desk! It’s part of your health and safety to ensure you take regular breaks away from your screen. Instead of just staring at the ceiling for 10 seconds, get up from your desk and go for a quick walk. Even if it’s just around the office for a few laps, get that step count up! Check out our blog “Have a break…have a break out area” for more ideas on how to make some time out space in the office.

Get walking – First, we had traditional sitting desks, then adjustable standing desks, now we have…treadmill desks! After many studies on the effect of living a somewhat sedentary lifestyle, scientists believe that there are immense benefits in walking and working. That’s not to say you need to try and fit in a 5k run in before lunch, but keeping the body moving throughout the day is said to have immense health benefits.

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Stand up – Another way to get out of the routine of sitting all day is to stand for small periods of time throughout the day. Try standing every time you have a phone call. It may be a short conversation but breaking the constant positioning of your back can really make a difference.

Step away from the coffee – Avoid too much coffee and drink more water! Water is known to be one of the most boring but best for you drinks in the world. Make it interesting by adding some lemon. It’s habit that makes us want to drink tea and coffee all day, not because we need the caffeine. So, next time you get a hot drink craving, try some warm lemon water.

App happy – There are a few different apps that can pop up and remind you to get off your seat and move around. They can give you some inspiration for different exercises if you are stuck.

Get competitive – Some companies have introduced step tracking devices for its employees in an effort to get everyone moving. Give everyone a weekly target with fun forfeits for those who don’t hit it.

Now that Easter is approaching, why not award yourself a chocolate egg (or two) for getting healthier at work over the next few weeks.