Whether you are just starting your business and looking for a space, or your business is growing and you are looking for something new there are so many different spaces to choose from.

Before you choose what is right for you it’s important to consider all of your options to identify which one suits your needs the best?

  1. Home office
    1. Check out eBay or some second-hand furniture websites like functionofficefurniture.com for some items to kit our your space!
  2. Co-working spaces
    1. A bit like working in a coffee shop but without the worry of outstaying your welcome, co-working spaces are very popular for startup companies. They are a great way of networking with other companies as well as keep your initial costs down so you can focus on your business
  3. Rent or lease an office space
    1. When you feel the time is right to get your own space you can rent or lease a space that is right for you. The difference between the two is that a leased office is fixed and tenants are normally in a contract from 6months up to 3 years. A rented space is a little more flexible.
    2. Staying put – thought about how to make your existing space work more efficiently to fit in more people space? Changing desk sizes and configurations, an element of hot desking ad flexible meeting spaces all give more ‘wiggle’ room

Make sure you do your research before picking a space – sometimes business feel they need to rent or lease a space when really they could get the same if not more about of some co-sharing or even working from home. We can help with a work study analysis – or even just a chat to help with options.