It’s Chinese New Year today – and to welcome in the Year of the Pig Eden has analysed the office environment for one of the world’s most famous office-based pigs – Peppa’s father – Daddy Pig. Here are a few recommendations that we hope he will pass to his facilities manager for implementation:

We strongly advise Daddy Pig to invest in a height adjustable desk – no longer an unusual item – there are desks to suit all budgets for those that prefer to work while standing.


Depending on Daddy Pig’s views on Feng Shui he may want to rethink the cactus….. while some think cactus plants in the wealth area of a room are beneficial, others think that in an office environment cacti chase away all your potential customers and business partners.

Eden has an environmentally-friendly ethos and so would encourage Mrs Cat to invest in a recycling bin. While she seems very good at creating and printing shapes, she is bound to make the odd mistake….

Mrs Cat is in definite need of a more suitable chair for her stature – Eden can easily help with her posture and comfort to help her productivity in the long term. Eden can also help with some finishing touches to improve the atmosphere and environment – some branding and artwork could potentially be a good ‘spirit lifter’ and a breakout area with seating for visitors would make the space much more welcoming.

We wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Chinese Year – and if anyone is connected to Daddy Pig please pass on our recommendations – we would be delighted to help with a refurbishment to help make his Year of the Pig more prosperous.